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Advantages of mini groups

  • Up to 80% savings against one-to-one classes
  • Same signature communicative method as used in one-to-one classes for a more manageable price
  • Interactive, ‘real-life’ atmosphere, as meaningful as face-to-face lessons
  • Certified teachers from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries
  • Classes of 2-4 people led by a qualified teacher
Authentic practice
  • Rapid progress through total English immersion
  • Small group framework
  • More teacher input, more opportunity to speak
  • Friendly atmosphere and mutual support
Group dynamics
  • Collaborative tasks in groups of two and three
  • Conversation practice with peers as well as the teacher
  • Natural development of English communication skills
  • Flexibility for programme modification as required
  • Personalized, results-based certificate upon course completion
  • Free initial, mid-way, and end-of-course language tests
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Our Team of Teachers

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ESL teacher and Content Creator
ESL teacher and Content Creator


Our teacher creates a cool atmosphere in the classroom and is a great communicator. His lessons aren’t just informative, but are also a great way to spend an evening, as interesting conversations are pretty much guaranteed! I think that most people who learn a foreign language want to be able to chat about anything in it.
Good afternoon. I have tried several English schools, but I like yours the most. The topics and grammar covered are relevant, and there’s lots of conversational practice which is key. I also like the length of the class. It's not always easy, of course, but I feel it’s productive. Thank you for our classes!
Brigid is just the best teacher ever! She’s attentive, responsive, interesting, and can get absolutely anyone talking!
The current English classes are super; I like everything! Our teacher is always very well prepared and does a great job of structuring the lesson, so the classes have an energy to them and everyone speaks for the same amount of time.
Very cool lessons, and great language practice which is helping me get used to speaking English. There’s also a good variety of assignments: we can talk, do things on our own, and have fun.
Our teacher always listens and understands what we are saying and why we are saying it, supporting the discussion as we go along. We also go through topics that I haven't gone through before; for example, there was a great lesson on punctuation, and some on phraseology. This was very cool.”
Our teacher is great; he is very interesting and engaging! Never before in my 15 years of studying English (at school/university/work) have I learned so much useful conversation and grammar information. It’s really cool, so thank you so much for this experience.
Emily is cool, energetic, and engaged, and she puts together a program to suit our needs. She allows us to get plenty of conversation practice while at the same time corrects important mistakes.”
Our teacher is cool. It’s really interesting to chat with him about various topics, while not straying too far from the central topic of the lesson. He corrects mistakes in a convenient way (after the end of the conversation has come to a close), gives me all sorts of useful expressions, and isn’t too bothered about homework (I normally don’t have enough time to do it, unfortunately).
I've had four different teachers at UnifyHub and I loved working with all of them. Now I have Bridgid as my teacher and I am just as satisfied as ever. The lessons are very interesting, with different topics and different exercises. Our group is great: all the guys are very positive, so the classes are also always very positive.
We have a teacher who is great at explaining things you don't understand, and also has a positive outlook - he always gives interesting examples and facts. Our classes are fast-paced, and I do not want to miss them.”
Everything is very well structured, so there's really nothing to add here. Keep doing what you're doing. Although I would like to say that for me, Alan is a super teacher who both delivers great material and a great lesson format. I used to hate grammar a lot and I found it scary, but he helped me get over it and showed me how important it is in general. So a full 1.5 hours of grammar can be very beneficial. Especially when we work on this grammar in the lesson as a group.”
From the very beginning of the class, the teacher took the wishes of the group into account. We immediately asked for more conversation practice, and Kane delivered us this without any problems. I think that the lessons give us exactly what we need to develop our speaking skills. Thanks to his lessons, my fear of interacting with native speakers has disappeared. I now find it easier to write work emails, and I feel much more comfortable conversing with colleagues and friends from other countries.
Kevin is very cool; even when I would come to the lesson in a bad mood and I couldn’t be bothered to do anything, my mood would have passed after 5 minutes and I would be ready to focus on English.
English Club classes with Jonathan are food for the soul. He has a classic English accent, and thanks to this erudite, educated and intelligent teacher, I look forward to my Tuesday nights :-). I am very happy and grateful to have a teacher of such quality.
My teacher is just amazing! My English has improved a lot, and it’s all thanks to her. I’ve now stopped worrying about speaking and this is my biggest achievement when it comes to learning English.
It’s a pleasure to work with Ivan Bellon - he’s an energetic and positive teacher. Living in the UK, every now and then he shares unique information about the way the language is used there. I like the way he approaches the learning process for both large and small groups. If anything is unclear, he explains the meanings of words and provides synonyms.
Mitch, you're awesome! Thanks for bringing positive energy and making our classes enjoyable.
I just want to say thank you very much for your courses! The school is just brilliant - learning English has always been difficult for me, but with you, I learned how to both chat and understand the language. The online format is very convenient, as I was able to study both at home and abroad.
I studied English courses in a mini group and Conversation Club, and I really liked the approach of the teachers and the school more broadly. There was no cramming involved — only interactive online learning. I passed my English exams, so thank you! I am now planning to take your Business English course.”
Yay, I passed the TOEFL exam! I am still over the moon about it. I chose your school because of the convenient online learning platform, your approach to your students, and because my friends studied English there and recommended it. And I don’t regret it! The lessons were very interesting, accessible and understandable, and the teaching style was perfect.
I always wanted to speak many languages, but my dream had somehow never come true. But when I had to improve my English skills for my job, I found your school and it was great. My classes with Antonio helped me unwind, but also take the plunge into the new and interesting world of languages.”
Your school and online courses are really something! Thanks a lot for what I've learned, now I speak English fluently and, most importantly, I understand what people say to me. I wish all the success in the world to my favorite school, UnifyHub.”
I really like the online format of live lessons in English. I have already taken 2 courses and now I am participating in the English Club, which is helping me perfect my skills. I am very grateful for your individualized approach. I was always bad at grammar but thanks to Emily I got it sorted and now I have no problems.”
I started as a beginner, and spoke English like an elementary school student. After six months, I can both speak and understand my interlocutor with fluency, which helps a lot when I travel and work. Of course, I still have a long way to go, but there’s no rush. Now, I want to take the language proficiency test in order to apply for a promotion. I will prepare for this with the help of your school.
“I take part in the Conversation Club so I don't lose my speaking skills. I really like the atmosphere and the teachers: they’re interesting and very helpful. And yes, a special thank you for the speaking content — and not the stuff you get in the textbooks. I never used to understand English slang, but now I use it myself.”

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