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Event Types

Unleash creativity and build connections through the art of storytelling. In this interactive workshop, team members share personal narratives, fostering a sense of understanding and unity. Craft a unique story, explore various techniques, and connect with colleagues on a deeper, more personal level.

Art of Storytelling Workshop

Engage in meaningful conversations where colleagues discuss personal topics, creating strong bonds and deeper connections within the team. This relaxed and intimate setting encourages open dialogue, allowing team members to share experiences, insights, and perspectives beyond the workplace.

Fireside Chat

Dive into dynamic facilitated sessions dedicated to specific topics. Collaborate, share expertise, and collectively explore ideas to solve problems and enhance skills. Embrace the opportunity to tap into the collective intelligence of the team, fostering innovation and a collaborative problem-solving mindset.

Mastermind Session

Level up your public speaking skills in an exciting journey to refine presentation prowess, master the art of impromptu speaking, and expertly navigate feedback. Through constructive and supportive feedback, participants will develop confidence and effectiveness in their communication skills.

Toastmasters Gathering

Analyze clues, plot twists, and motives in creative brainstorming sessions designed for solving both fictional and real mysteries. Engage in a unique problem-solving experience that challenges the team's critical thinking and collaborative skills.

Mystery Solvers Creative Brainstorming

Challenge participants' knowledge on a wide range of topics with customized questions, incorporating company information for a personalized experience. Foster friendly competition with thought-provoking questions and a lighthearted atmosphere that encourages team camaraderie.

Pub Quiz

Experience a dynamic blend of competitive and entertaining games, reminiscent of a virtual office Olympics. Our trivia challenges are a true test of teamwork, featuring intriguing multiple-choice questions, captivating number games, lightning-fast scavenger hunts, and other exciting mechanics. Bring out the competitive spirit while strengthening team collaboration in a fun and engaging virtual environment.

Online Office Games

Inspired by TED Talks, this speaking club variant allows colleagues to deliver short presentations on diverse topics, sparking thought-provoking discussions and encouraging personal growth and knowledge sharing.

TED Talk Forum

Celebrate winter holidays from around the world through high-energy games and activities. Earn points, share memories, and celebrate together! Whether it's your team's first or fifth party, our creative team ensures delightful surprises each year.

Virtual Holiday Party

Embrace the coziness of the cold season together with your team and take turns exchanging personal questions to get to know each other better, sharing personal stories and experiences. Ideal for new teams to build bonds and trust!

Hygge Game

Celebrate and learn about remarkable women in history through a trivia game that fosters appreciation and understanding of diverse stories. Highlighting achievements and contributions throughout history, this trivia game promotes inclusivity and knowledge sharing.

Her-Story Trivia

Facilitate connections with a speed friending activity, encouraging team members to get to know each other in a fast-paced and fun virtual setting. Break the ice and build connections through quick and light-hearted interactions, creating a positive and friendly team environment.

Virtual Speed Friending

How it works

Select your team experience from our catalog or request a customized celebration
Schedule a call with us to iron out the specifics, set a date, and craft the agenda
Meet your designated host, review the detailed agenda, and make any necessary adjustments
Host your event and witness your team's delighted faces as they enjoy the experience

Why choose remote corporate events?

Bridge gaps between team members in different locations, fostering unity and strengthened connections

Unified Collaboration

Boost team spirit and efficiency through engaging online activities, cultivating collaboration and trust

Efficient Team Building

Develop essential soft skills such as communication and leadership in a dynamic virtual setting

Soft Skills Enhancement

Improve English language proficiency in a relaxed atmosphere, providing natural language practice for team members

Language Practice

Experience highly engaging events that motivate and inspire, keeping your team connected and enthusiastic

Motivation Boost